Managing work!

Do what you like

Not what others like

But in whatever you do

A balance you must strike

Coz it’s so very true

That none will like

Your extra devotion

So control your emotions!

Work that is seemingly unproductive…

Is actually the most productive

Understood only by a few

Recognized not even by few

Some noble work outdoors

Some noble work indoors

A little time for enjoyment

No expectation of encouragement

Will give us peace of mind

So difficult to find…!

Daily Prompt: Youth

via Daily Prompt: Youth

At fifty seven,Life can be heaven

Look not backward,Look not forward

Just live to the fullest, And make the best

Of the present .

So what if you have ,Lost your tooth

After you are not in your youth

At seventy ,You can’t look twenty

Youth is a passing phase

Which is something,all must face

Why count your wrinkles,When your eyes still twinkle

With a youthful smile,Just maintain your style!

Who said you are old…In any case–









No strings attached

It’s better to be detached

Stay close enough to appear

To be close to your near & dear

Be careful not to interfere

The only way to be close to heart

Is to stay apart

And yet be a part…

It’s not really parting ways

It’s about making ways

To be happy

And let others be happy

Rope It In


Life is a Tug-of-war

Let not the rope go far

If you fall, stand up!

At no cost, must you give up

If you do so…

You end up saying–Oh no!

While you stagger and sway…

The rope has gone away…

And when you start from scratch

You’re just …no match!

So, be Consistent

And Persistent

Some Patience

A lot of Perseverence

All of these, in Excess

Will surely ensure Success

Never Rest

Do your Best

All the Best!!

The power of Silence


Shrouded in mystery

It has its own history

Thoughts need not necessarily be revealed

At times they are better,veiled

Sometimes words that are untold

Speak more than what we unfold

Like the saying age-old…

‘Silence is gold!’

The spirit of life

12th nov

Trapped in a balloon

Life is always threatened

Who knows when it will end

May be later, if not soon

Scores of thorns,waiting to prick

You,me,he or she–whom will it pick

Still,we make our life joyful

And try to make it colourful

It is best that way

While the sun shines,make hay

Our life in this balloon

Is God’s greatest boon.

Hidden Art

9th October 2013

Press the knob

Release the fragrance

Enjoy  in instalment

Anything in extravagance,

Even if it is entertainment,

Can suffocate you

Or even sicken you!

Sometimes, talents are bottled up

Or, may be,locked up?

Waiting for someone to ‘press the knob’?

Probably someone is waiting to rob!

They are called ‘smart’

They steal your art,

Call it there own and

May even say-‘That’s also an art”!!!

Never say die

7th october 2013
While you steer through, the ship of life

There may be struggle and strife

At times you may feel like the road-side vendor

Yearning to be paid for the services you render

You could be paid only a penny

After encountering hardships many

Never mind, just steer along

The journey is long

But every step you climb,is a milestone

Do not leave unturned, any stone

Climb op the ladder with all your might

Your future is sure to be bright!

Varying thoughts

28th September

Simply filled up the gaps

May be this ‘kolam ‘ is a map

Of my own mind

Just try to make full use

Of whatever you find

Try to be of some use

Even at the cost of being misused

Do I sound confused?

Well, it doesn’t really matter

It was nice to chatter

Though it made no sense

But I think…

It feels good to talk nonsense

At least once in a while

Don’t you think?

When words fail…

26th sept

Be it happiness

Be it sadness

Anything you want to say

Say it with a bouquet

If not a bouquet

Say it with one flower…

In all its resplendent glory

It is apt for every story

Such is its power…

Does THIS flower

Show an immense pleasure?

A simple, unalloyed, childlike pleasure,

Of which, there is no measure…

If that is so…

Just keep smiling 🙂 Continue reading